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1. Must be American manufactured
2. Minimum wheelbase of 105”
3. The Body must match the engine. (Engine set back per K-2)

1. Bodies should be semi stock appearing. Steel, Aluminum or Fiberglass bodies.
2. All nosepieces or front covers must be Maximum 50 inches from the center of the wheel to the front of the nose piece.
3. Rear deck may be flat or may slope downward to rear of car
4. Max spoiler allowed 6”x width of body”. Face of spoiler 6”. Sides OK
5. Overall width of body not to exceed 78” at widest point.
6. Plastic body skirt ok
7. Floor pan may be removed
8. Drivers side windshield area must be covered with a minimum ” opening or maximum of 1” openings or Minimum of 3 Windshield bars in front of driver. Mounting is at discretion of Tech Inspector
11. Window net mandatory. Strict enforcement on secure mounting. No zip ties or pop riveting. Hard mounting only

1. Both front and back bumpers must be attached to body
2. Front and rear bumpers may be OEM Aluminum, 1 ” round or 2”x2” square tubing.
3. All cars must start race with front and rear bumper.
4. Any car loosing rear bumper will be black flagged from the event. No reattaching and re-entering event

1. All numbers must be a minimum of 20” tall and 4” wide
2. All cars must have a number on the roof and left and right side doors
3. Please use colors that contrast the rest of the car. This will help eliminate scoring problems
4. Headlight & tail light number required
5.Drivers name must be legible to Grandstand on both SIDES of car and roof
6. A white 12" x 12" panel must be installed on the left rear bumper area with a 6" car number displayed on the panel.

1. All cages must be made of .095 tubing no less than 1 ” O.D.
2. Must have a minimum of four (4) left side door bars
3. All cages must have a diagonal bar running from top to bottom behind driver’s seat
4. No galvanized pipe allowed
5. All roll cages will be strictly inspected
6. 1/8” thick door bar plate on driver side highly suggested

1. All seats must be padded aluminum racing seats
2. No seat may be mounted directly to floor pan. Seat must be mounted to roll cage at no less than four (4) points
3. A five- (5) point safety harness, with quick release is mandatory with a 3” wide lap belt, 3” shoulder belts, and a 2” submarine belt. All belts must be attached to roll cage
4. All belts must be kept up to date. Must have date of manufacture and must be within 3 years of present date. This is for your safety

1. OEM American rear-wheel drive frame only. No sports car frames. OEM part of frame must measure a Minimum of “20 forward from Screw Jack and a minimum of 20” to rear of screw jack. May modify for Fuel pump, steering shaft, Radiator and shock clearance. May alter for after market upper A-arms
2. Tube type upper adjustable A-arms allowed
3. Control arm that supports coil spring must be stock
4. Rear clip may be made of 2" x 3" steel tubing. Tubing must extend to the rear bumper. Rear spring mounts must be a minimum of 40" apart measured inside to inside
5. Uni – body cars may tie in frame rails front to rear
6. Weight jacks are allowed. No weight jacking controls allowed inside of drivers compartment
7. Racing spring and racing shocks may be used (no coil over or coil over eliminator). Heim end type shocks OK
8. No Cannister shocks. No external adjustable shocks (dials, screws and schrader valves)
9. Rebuildable and revalveable shocks allowed
10. Maximum four shocks allowed on car. 1 shock per wheel only. No shocks over rear end
11. Leaf spring sliders are allowed
12. No composite leaf springs
13. May remove floor pan, driver must be completely sealed in cockpit, driveline straps strictly enforced
14. Adjustable lowering blocks O.K.
15. Coil cars can run 3-link. Solid links only. Top bar 20 inches max. Lower control arms
22.5 inches max. Panhard bar must be located behind the axle housing and have a minimum length of 20 inches.
16. Metric type rear may use adjustable upper lengths.
17. Third generation Camaro front and rear suspension will also be allowed. These cars must meet the 105 in wheel base. Solid rear links will be allowed as long as they are within 1inch of the originals length. Must use stock torque arm. The torque arm maybe reinforced and adapted to fit the rear end housing. The torque arm must fit the stock location at trans cross member. You may use this type of rear suspension only if you have a strut front suspension.

1. No quick-change rear ends allowed
2. Must be steel rear end housing
3. No gold track or ratchet rear ends allowed
4. Wide fives are allowed.

1. Steering box must be mounted in stock location
2. Power steering, quick steer boxes allowed
3. No racks and pinion steering allowed

1. Must have three (3) working brakes at all times
2. Adjustable valves may be used for front to rear brake bias
3. Right front brake shut off OK
4. Front and rear brake calipers Cast- steel only. Aftermarket OK. No aluminum. Single piston only. Right front rotor may be altered.

1. Any American make steel engine block allowed. Aftermarket and OEM performance blocks allowed. Steel heads and block only. Any Cast Intake manifold. Flat tappet cam/lifters only. (NO ROLLER CAM OR LIFTERS) Stud Girdles allowed. Any Rocker Arm allowed. No mushroom lifters, OEM firing order cannot be changed. No crank triggers. All engines must be able to be used in conventional passenger car without alterations. All belt driven accessories must be on front of engine. ‘Wet’ sump oiling system only.
2. Engine must be no further back than # 1 spark plug to ball joint
3. Sealed GM crate engine part number 8604 allowed
4. One 4 barrel 650 CFM carburetor allowed. Untouched Holley # 80541-1 or Demon # 5282010GC
5 .Minimum weight 3000 lbs. (pounds)

1. One (1) Holly 500 CFM. 2 barrel carburetor (no. 4412 only) or (1) Demon 2 barrel 500cfm carburetor Part #2372210 OT or (1) 4 Barrel carburetor.
2. Two- (2) throttle springs are mandatory.

1. Must not exceed the 95 dB limit at 100 feet
2. No exhaust of any kind allowed in driver’s compartment
3. Any Header allowed
4. Any car loosing a muffler will be disqualified from that event

1. No magnetos allowed
2. All battery-powered ignitions will be allowed
3. Ignition boxes must be placed in clear view of tech inspector and out of reach of driver. All boxes subject to tech inspection at all times
4. No tampering of ignition boxes such as ETC (electronic traction control) or timing control devices. Absolutely no JUNK allowed altering engine performance during race conditions. Subject to suspension of racing for 1 year and expense of testing and shipping Ignition box.
5. One ignition box per car at any time
6. Any Speedway member may protest any ignition box for $200.00 plus shipping and handling. Shipping and handling is red label overnight express, if box is found illegal, protestor will receive $200 back. If found legal, owner/driver protested will receive $150.00 and $50.00 going to Speedway.

1. All cars will have a working starter in stock location
2. Kill switch must be labeled and easily accessed by driver or safety workers

1. Brinn, Bert, Falcon type internal clutch Transmissions ALLOWED
2. Richmond or Muncie transmissions OK
3. Any clutch will be allowed.
4. Automatic transmissions may use a coupler instead of a torque converter.

1. Minimum 2 inch diameter steel/ OR minimum 3 inch diameter Aluminum drive shaft and must be painted white. Steel slip-yokes only. 360-degree drive shaft loop at front and rear of Driveshaft
1. No electric fuel pumps allowed
2. All cars must have fuel cells with a chain, cable, etc attaching cap to fuel cell
3. All fuel cell will be at discretion of Track safety tech
4. Any fuel line running through the driver’s compartment must be housed in a steel sleeve
5. Driver’s compartment must be sealed from both engine and fuel cell
6. All cars require the use of a check valve (roll over valve) on the vent of cell.
7. Gasoline only - no alcohol.

1. Maximum rim (wheel) width is 8”. All wheels must be steel
2. Bead-locks may be used on all four (4) corners

3. Must use unaltered (8 inch contact patch) Hoosier ‘500’ Race tire. No chemical softening or conditioning allowed .All tires may be ground or siped within confines of tread. No grooving allowed. Unaltered Hoosier Race tire, G60-15 with IMCA stamped on sidewall. No chemical softening, conditioning of tires Tires may be ground or siped within confines of tread (not past factory straight line). No grooving allowed. Hoosier Race tire P245/60D15: P255/60D15 or P265/60D15. All Hoosier tires must be purchased from PRE 2.0 Shelly Wooldridge at (951) 295-2997

1. Minimum weight is 3,000 lbs. ANYTIME
2. All ballast weight must be painted white and have the car’s number legibly painted on it
3. All weight must be mounted by a min of two 5/8” bolts or two weight mounts
4. Any ballast weight dropped on racing surface will result in an automatic disqualification
5. All mounting is subject to strict inspection. IF YOU LOOSE A PIECE OF LEAD ANYTIME DURING THE NIGHT, (including hot laps) YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT.

1. Battery mounting will be strictly inspected.
2. No radios. No rear view mirrors allowed.
3. Equipment will not be considered legal simply because it went through inspection unobserved, or because a rule has not been written excluding it.

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. The rules shall govern all entrants. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. The race director shall be empowered to permit deviations from any of the specifications, herein, or impose any further restriction, that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviations of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their discretion is final. If you have any questions please call Don Mac Askill (PAS TECH) (818) 419-5970. All Participants must be a member of the Perris Auto Speedway PASSCAR Association to receive Championship points. After two events you must join PASSCAR to participate.

There will be a $40.00 entry fee per car per race. Money will be collected at pill pick at the Pit Gate.