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  1. Overall Trailer Length: Minimum length 10 feet measured from hitch ball socket. Suggestions are travel trailers, pop-up tent campers and boat trailers. Pop-up trailers must be raced in the fully extended (popped-up) position. Boat trailers must have a boat and the boat must be secured to the trailer.

2. All appliances and heating/cooling units must be removed.

3. Glass must be removed.

4. Trailers must be completely cleaned out on inside, removing everything that is not part of the unit; i.e. pots and pans, clothes, silverware, trash, household items or anything that is not a permanent part of trailer as manufactured.

5. Tongue must attach to tow vehicle by hitch ball, free pivoting. Safety chains and equalizer bars are not allowed. No pintle hitches. No clasp type hitches.

6. Ballast weight may not be added.

7. Tow vehicle can be a STOCK truck, van or car. No 4-wheel drive vehicles. All glass must be removed. Windshield must be removed, and a wire screen of no more than in. mesh is required to replace windshield and weld in. steel bar from cowling to roof in center of window cavity.

8. Shoulder and lap belt required.

9. No antifreeze in radiator.

10. A DOT/Snell approved crash HELMET IS REQUIRED with working chin strap. Drivers MUST wear long pants, shoes or boots, Long sleeve shirt and gloves while on the track. Approved fire suit & neck collar recommended.
11. Each competitor is solely responsible for the effectiveness of personal safety equipment used during an event. Perris Auto Speedway is not responsible for the effectiveness of any personal safety equipment.
12. Track Officials have final word on vehicle race worthiness.
13. Additional rules may be added if needed.

1. All Demo Cross Drivers must have a one-way radio raceiver or radio set to the race/scoring frequency (464.5500).
2. The radios will be used strictly for line-ups and general information from the Scorer's and Race Director only.
3. Radios are to be provided by the Driver.
4. Drivers will not be permitted on the track without a radio and it must be on.
5. Radios along with ear buds can be purchased from PRE 2.0 Shelly Wooldridge at (951) 295-2997


The objective of the race is to finish the race with your trailer attached while separating the trailers of your competitors from their tow vehicle. If you lose your trailer, you will be black flagged and you must leave the track. You will be scored accordingly. If you fail to leave the track after the loss of your trailer you will be disqualified - black-flagged & forfeit any purse or awards. You must retain the axle of your trailer to remain in a race. If you lose your trailer axle, you must leave the race. No trailer tongues only will be allowed to remain in a race. A part of the boat/camper or trailer frame must still be attached to win. If you purposely hit another tow vehicle with your vehicle in the X you will be disqualified immediately. Length of race is 12 laps unless only one trailer/tow vehicle combo remains intact. In that event, they will be declared the winner.

PURSE - 1. $500 2. $300 3. $200