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  This is a Trophies only division. In order to be eligible to run in this class, you cannot compete in any other PASSCAR or Modified Division during the normal racing season.  

a. Any American 2-door or 4-door vehicle including Station Wagons. No jeeps, trucks, convertibles, sub compacts or 4 wheel drive vehicles allowed.
b. All cars will have a wheelbase of no less than 104 inches.
c. Cars must be rear wheel drive.
d. All cars must weigh a minimum of 3500 pounds with driver before and or after the race.
e. No performance parts or modified parts allowed.
f. All cars must remain stock for year, make and model per the manufactures original specifications. The only exceptions are those contained in these rules.

a. All engines will be stock for year make and model. Big blocks are allowed as long as they meet all the rules below.
b. All smog equipment may be removed.
c. Flat top 4 valve relief or dish pistons only.
d. SBC 76 cc heads only with 1.94 x 1.50 valve size maximum.
e. SBC head casting # 148, 202, 203, 204, 206, 214, 316, 330, 339, 388, 441, 445, 454, 487, 493, 494, 517, 550, 552, 590, 598, 624, 703, 741, 808, 821, 852, 855, 856, 882, 920, 928, 991, 993, 997.
f. Stock single valve spring with damper allowed, no double triple or beehive springs allowed.
g. Stock cast iron intake manifold only, no marine intakes.
h. All cars must have a minimum of 17 inches of vacuum at 800 rpm’s for three (3) minutes.
i. All cars must idle at 400 rpm’s for three (3) minutes.
j. All cars must have a stock Holley #4412 carburetor.
k. The carb spacer must be cast aluminum non adjustable (1 inch maximum).
l. Standard size air cleaners only 4”x14” max. Flat steel top, steel bottom, air cleaner in between.

a. The fuel pump must be stock.
b. No glass or plastic fuel filters.
c. No electric fuel pumps.
d. Any fuel lines that are run through the driver’s compartment must be steel tubing.
e. Fuel cells are mandatory. Must have a roll over check valve. No race fuel allowed.
f. Sunoco Fuel is available from Shelly Wooldridge at PRE 2.0 (951) 295-2997 or at the racetrack on event days.
a. All cars must have mufflers.
b. No Headers.
c. Cast iron stock manifolds only, no after market manifolds.
d. No porting or polishing.
e. Small block exhaust pipes must not exceed 2 inches O.D. in diameter and must exit behind the driver.
f. Big Block exhaust pipes must not exceed 2 1/4 inches O.D. in diameter.

a. No after market distributors.
b. No racing modules.
c. The charging system may be removed.
d. A kill switch between the battery and ignition is mandatory and must kill the engine when turned off.
e. The kill switch must be accessible from both sides of the car so that the emergency crews may shut off the car.

a. Automatic transmissions only. No power glide transmission, unless it is stock to the vehicle.
b. The converter must be stock.
c. No transmission coolers in driver’s compartment.
d. Posi-traction optional.
1. No Floaters or quick changes.
2. No lockers of an kind.
3. Welding of rear end is optional
4. No front wheel drive.
e. Gear ratio optional
f, Rear end and housing and overall width must remain stock for chassis, Ford for Ford, Chevy for Chevy, etc.
5. Mini-Spools allowed

a. No mud or snow tires. No Hoosier tires of any type.
b. Maximum 7” tires only and must be DOT passenger car tire only.
c. Maximum 7” wheels only.
d. All wheels must have a minimum ’ studs.
e. No grooving on the tires.
f. No recap tires.
g. Racing wheels are allowed but can not be aluminum.

a. All bodies must be complete and stock steel only.
b. All glass and body trim must be removed.
c. The hood must have a minimum of two hood pins across the front and the rear.
d. The trunk must have two pins across the rear and if the hinges are removed pins are required.
e. The only interior panels that may be removed are for the installation of the roll gage. All holes must be patched with a minimum 22 gauge sheet metal.
f. No spoilers.
g. The windshield must be replaced with a screen supported in the center by two 1/8 x 2 inch metal straps, six to eight inches apart.
h. No rub rails.
i. Bumpers – No sharp edges any where. The bumpers must have straps the width of the bumper (6 inch long) attached to the fender and quarter panels.
j. No mirrors.

a. The roll gage must be a minimum of 1 ” O.D. steel tubing minimum .090 wall thickness.
b. A minimum Six (6) point gage is required.
c. No but welded corners and no square corners allowed.
d. The driver’s door must have Three (3) bars installed with a minimum of 1/16th steel plate top to bottom.
e. Two (2) bars must be installed on the right door.
f. Kickers off the top of the gage may extend past the rear end on the frame.
g. Uprights may be welded to the frame or a 6”x6” plate bolted through the floor pan with a plate on both sides.
h. Tip over valve mandatory.
i. Ground strap from fuel cell to gage mandatory.
j. Front and rear hoops are allowed. They can not extend outside the body or bumpers.

a. All parts must remain stock.
b. No reinforcing of any parts of the suspension.
c. No weightjackers.
d. The word stock means stock! No racing parts. After Market non adjustable springs allowed. No spring buckets. No lowering blocks.
f. Before you do anything – THINK STOCK!

a. Car numbers must be in contrasting color.
b. Number size is a minimum of 20” high and 4” wide on the top of the car and on the doors.
c. Numbers must be 6” high on the front and rear of the car.
d. No three digit numbers.
e. A white 12" x 12" panel must be installed on the left rear bumper area with a 6" car number displayed on the panel.

12. Seats and Safety Equipment

For all safety equipment it will be the sole responsibility of the driver, not Perris Auto Speedway, their agents/ officials or corporate officers to ensure that his/her safety equipment is correctly installed, maintained, and properly used. Please refer to manufacturer installation and usage guidelines and adhere to them.

A. Seats
1) Aluminum professionally built high back racing seat is mandatory. No plastics, etc.
2) Must be securely bolted to mount assembly, or secured in a manner that is an integral part of the roll cage.
3) A five-point safety harness with a quick release is mandatory. 3” wide lap belt, 2” or 3” shoulder harness and 2” sub strap. All belts will be attached to the roll cage in an approved manner, using minimum of 3/8” grade 8 bolts and safety cables. Subject to tech approval. It is the driver’s owner’s obligation to have belts re-certified or replaced every three- (3) years.
4) Rear passenger seat must be removed along with anything else that is flammable.
5) Padded headrest required.

B. Window Nets
1) Window net Mandatory, minimum 1 inch mesh with release at top front only.
2) All window net releases must be the quick release seat belt type, with release located and facing the outside of the car.
3) No string nets or close net off road type nets allowed.

C. Helmets/Gloves/Suits/ Eye Protection
1) Safety helmet must meet SA 2005, SA 2010 or SA 2015 testing standards, bear proper identification, and have no signs of previous damage. Full face helmets required.
2) Two (2) layer fire suit is Mandatory at all times. No flight suits allowed.
3) Approved racing gloves Mandatory, no welding gloves, gardening gloves, etc.
4) Approved racing shoes or leather shoes required. No nylon shoes permitted.
5) Eye protection is mandatory, and must be in proper place at all times.

D. Fire Extinguishers
1) On board fire extinguisher (2lb) MANDATORY with quick release mechanism, within drivers reach while strapped in.
2) All cars will be required to have in their pits a minimum of one 5 pound, Halon or dry chemical fire extinguisher. This is to be visible to tech officials, and all crewmembers must be aware of its location, and knowledgeable in the use of the fire extinguisher. Sharing a fire extinguisher between two pit areas is permissible as long as it is Accessible to both, and both pits are aware of its location.

Car and driver will be required to make safety rule violations comply, PRIOR to racing any event.

a) All cars are subject to inspection by Perris Auto Speedway at any time and in any manner determined by track officials. All decisions regarding the timing and manner of inspections, as well as which cars will be inspected is final.
b) A competitor must take whatever steps requested by a track official, including tear down of a car, to facilitate inspection of the car at any time.
c) Only those persons approved by track officials may be admitted into the inspection area.
d) Perris Auto Speedway has the right to confiscate any part and/or equipment, which fail to meet applicable Perris Auto Speedway specifications during an event.
e) Track officials mandate inspection after the event; if a car that has competed in the event is taken from the tech area without permission of a track official, the car and driver will be disqualified.
f) Any member who fails to tear down a car for inspection when requested to do so by the track officials, a fine and/or loss of championship points and /or definite suspension from Perris Auto Speedway will result.


In the above rules, stock OEM or OEM means that a part or dimension must be from a standard production vehicle. “OEM” is the abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer. If parts are to be stock, stock OEM or OEM then they can not be GM Performance, Bow-Tie, Ford Motorsports, SVO, Direct Connection such as Performance Catalogues, Marine, Mail Order of any special Off-Road or Racing Performance part. No carbon fiber parts anywhere on the car. Absolutely no removal, alteration or covering of casting numbers, manufacturer’s name, logos, insignias, ect from any item on the car. To do so will make that part illegal and it will treated as such.

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. The rules shall govern all entrants. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.
The race director shall be empowered to permit deviations from any of the specifications, herein, or impose any further restriction, that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviations of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their discretion is final. If you have any questions please call Don Mac Askill (PAS TECH) at (818) 419-5970.

*All Participants must be a member of the Perris Auto Speedway PASSCAR Association to receive Championship points. After two events you must join PASSCAR.

* There will be a $40.00 entry fee per car per race. Money will be collected at pill pick at the Pit Gate.