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  Austin Davis - Night of Destruction Driver

Nickname: Candy Man


Birthplace: Loma Linda CA

Current City: Yucaipa CA

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Pets:one cat

Occupation: Owner/Operator Davis Trenching INC

Street Vehicle (s):2017 Ram 1500 Rebel

Favorite Restaurant: Rosie’s Mexican Food

Favorite Food: Shredded beef Burrito

Least Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Thing To Cook: anything bbq!!

Favorite Beverage: Nothing beats a ice cold beer

Favorite Vacation Spot: Lake Havasu or Glamis

Favorite Sport (other than racing): There’s more sports other than racing???

Favorite Sports Team: Los Angeles Rams

Least Favorite Sport: Soccer

Least Favorite Sports Team: 49ers (don't ask why lmao)

Favorite Music: hip hop/edm/country

Favorite Song: Hesher by Wallpaper

Favorite Television Show: Gotta love South Park

Favorite Movie: Step Brothers

Favorite Actor: Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler

Favorite Actress: now thats a question i don't even know the answer to haha

Hobbies: motocross/building cars/partying/xbox

How Many Traffic Tickets Have You Received: Just one ticket and 4 warnings lol

How Long Have You Been Racing: I thinks its been 3 or 4 years now

What Other Types Of Racing Have You Done: go karts and some motocross

Why Do You Race: I race because since i was a little kid i wanted to be a race car driver, And when my sister started dating Jesse Gordon, he helped me with everything i needed to do to make that dream come true

Biggest Moment In Racing: Throwing a sketchy car together and finishing the race in the top ten,after the car failed to finish the first two times lol

Funniest Thing That Has Happened To You In Racing: i'd have to say jumping my car over a jetski was pretty cool, wasn't on purpose but it was definitely fun lmao

Goals In Racing: My main goal is to win my first race. Later down the road it would be awesome to drive in some sort of nascar event or even short course truck racing

Sponsors: Davis Trenching INC., Shreddy Lyfe, Lantis Metal Works, Drip Smoke & Vape, Koritas Tires