1. To participate you must have a valid Driver's License and you must be18 years or older.

2. To participate you must show "Proof of Ownership" of the vehicle and "Proof of Insurance" and the ownership names must match on both certificates.

3. To enter in the Spectator Class you must register and enter through the "Pit Gate" only. The Pit Gate will be open for registration from 3:00 - 6:30 pm. Entry Forms will be available at the Pit Gate. The Entry Fee for the Spectator Class is $50.00 Half of the Entry Fee's will go the winner.

4. Helmets and Seat Belts are required.

5. Your Car or Truck must be "Street Legal". No convertibles.


"The Spectator Class" - Two Cars will run two laps on the quarter-mile track. One will start on the front straightaway the other will start on the back straightaway. The first car to complete two laps will be the winner. The winner will move on. The loser is eliminated. This process will continue until there is an overall winner!