1. Any car truck or van may be used, (small cars roll better).

2. Remove all burnable interior, including insulation under hood, dash is optional.

3. No cars with Sunroofs.

4. All glass must be removed, including any broken glass. It is mandatory that you install 3 support bars to prevent roof from collapsing in place of your windshield.

5. A simple hoop bar behind the seat must be used. Hoop bar must be reinforced with two down bars connecting at least 2/3 of the way up and be full width and height of car. Four point welded cages with frame supports are mandatory.

6. Driverís door must be welded or chained shut and have a window net.

7. Gas tanks may stay in stock location but may be moved to trunk area if using a fuel cell.

8. Full Face Helmets, Neck brace, Long Sleeve Pants & Shirts, and Gloves are mandatory. A Fire retardant jacket is mandatory. Fire suit and face sock is highly recommended

9. Driverís seat must be securely mounted to floor. Replacement of seat with approved racing seat is highly recommended.

10. 5 point racing harness is mandatory

11. Must be 18 and older to enter. 

12. Winner will be decided by the fan participation and Race Officials.