This is a three car team event. 

Vehicle #1 (The Jammer) must be a mid-size to full size car. No compacts allowed. The Jammer Car must be painted white with a 12 inch wide stripe painted down the hood to the trunk of the car in the teams color. This color must match the other two cars in the team. One color teams only. The Jammer carís battery must be disconnected. 

Vehicle #2 (The Pusher) This car pushes the Jammer car around the track. The pusher and blocker may switch spots at any time

Vehicle #3 (The Blocker) This car is the protector. The Blocker stops other cars from taking out the pusher car. The blocker can slow down to wait for their team
mates. The Pusher and Blocker may switch spots at any time.

The Blocker and Pusher cars must be painted the same color as the stripe down the Jammer Car.

You can not hit, scrape, push or even touch another teams Jammer car. If you do your team will be immediately disqualified! However Blocker and Pusher cars can hit each other.

All cars must have a drivers side door bar. Only stock bumpers are allowed. No built-up or added supports to the car. All cars must be stock. Normal safety gear is required including a full face helmet. 

The Roller Derby is 10 laps around the quarter mile track or the furthest Jammer car whichever happens first.