Any type of car (no convertibles), truck, motor home can compete. A vehicle may not be allowed to compete at the discretion of the Race Director, if it is deemed to be dangerous to the other competitors. This could include raised vehicles and reinforced vehicles.

The race is 20 Laps on the quarter-mile track. There will be obstacles on the track such as heavy equipment tires, boats, jet skis and cars. The race surface will be watered down to minimize the speed of the vehicles. This is not your typical race, this is Demo Cross where Driver's may spin, rub and hit other cars on the track. All vehicles must run counter clockwise on the race track. At no time are you allowed to run the opposite direction. There are no caution flags during the race. Only a red flag can be thrown to stop the race if a Driver appears to be hurt or is in a location that warrants a red flag.