PASSCAR Super "4" Bangers - 2012

This class is open to all Pony Stocks, Factory Four Cars and Factory Four Trucks. This class will run on the quarter-mile track. We encourage anyone interested in participating in this class to please come to the open practice on February 11th. The pit gate opens at 2:00 pm. Pit passes for the practice are $40 each.

These classes will run all together (the Pony Stocks may be scored separately) unless the car counts warrant splitting the classes. In any event, this will be a "Trophy Only" Class or Classes. This class will run on PASSCAR event nights.

All participants must join PASSCAR to accumulate Championship Points. PASSCAR memberships are $50. There is a two race grace period, however you will not receive retroactive points. You must join PASSCAR prior to competing in your third event. 

Pit Passes are; $35 for members and $45 for non-members.

There is a $40 pill pick/entry fee per event. 

Once the Speedway has had a chance to look at the race cars and talk to the car owners a set of rules will be drafted for the class. We encourage all car owners to participate in this process. 

All of us at the Speedway hope to see you on February 11th. Thanks for considering racing at the PAS.

Don Kazarian